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PlaneBusiness Subscriber New Log-In Update


Hello everyone. Holly here.

As of about 20 minutes ago, all of us here at the Worldwide Headquarters *believe* (important word here) that the new log-in system for PlaneBusiness Banter is now working properly.

We had a few hiccups this afternoon as we made the cutover, but I think those small annoying problems have all been taken care of.

What does this mean if you are a subscriber to PlaneBusiness Banter?

It means that your previous user name and password that you used to access PBB prior to this week no longer works. It’s done. Toast. Dead.

If you have not received an email from us yet — assigning you a new assigned user name and password, or if you have any other questions concerning the change, please contact our subscription manager.

Pigs Flew This Weekend at the Worldwide Headquarters: We’re Now All A-Twitter


For those who are addicted to tweets, PlaneBusiness is now on Twitter.

The account name is: PlaneBusiness. Creative, huh?

Just an updated note for subscribers. I did not realize that Twitter account names are case sensitive. I think that is nuts, but it is what it is.

This week I alerted PlaneBusiness Banter subscribers that we had a new Twitter account and that the account name was PlaneBusiness.

No, apparently I was mistaken.

It was actually “planebusiness.”

Okay, so now the account has been “tweaked” and it is now, officially, “PlaneBusiness.” (Two capital letters in a sea of lower case.)


It may take a while for that change to propagate through the system, but if you would like to follow us, just look for either version today. The corrected account name should be the only one active tomorrow.

Just a cautionary note. If you need to contact me about a potential story, or news item, or you have a question or whatever — please continue to send me an email to: hhegeman at planebusiness.com.

I don’t intend to use the Twitter feed as a two-way communication device.

Good Morning! PBB On Its Way; ALGT Keeps Piling On The Good News


Good morning earthlings. We are putting the final touches on this week’s long issue of PlaneBusiness Banter. Yes, it’s our first official earnings issue of the first quarter earnings season, and both American Airlines and Southwest Airlines get a very long look in this week’s issue.

I’ll post a note here when it is finished and posted for subscribers to read.

But in the meantime, I just wanted to mention an extremely impressive metric that was posted by Allegiant Travel in the first quarter.

While it is impressive enough that the airline posted better than expected profits for the quarter late on Sunday — as the company reported earnings of $28.2 million or $1.37 a share — that is only the tip of the impressive news.

The really impressive statistic in these results?

The airline posted a 31.3% operating margin.

Got that?

If that mind-numbing number doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will.

More later. Have to go finish this week’s PBB.

Airline Stock Winners for 2008: Allegiant (ALGT) Gets Top Performance Nod


When all was said and done, and the crystal ball descended in Times Square Wednesday night — I know that you were, just as I was, chomping at the bit to know the answer to one burning question.

Which airline stock was the top performer in 2008?

Against all odds, including floods, snow, sleet, testy employees and the darkness of oil (prices), which airline stock still managed to shine brightly against the setting sun of demand?

I am very happy to report that the airline stock that posted the highest return to shareholders in 2008 was one of our favorite airline stocks here at PlaneBusiness.

That stock was — Allegiant Travel Company. The company is the parent of Allegiant Airlines.

The airline, which managed to continue to post profits in 2008 — even though it was flying fuel-guzzling MD-80s, saw its shares climb a whopping 51% for the year, ending 2008 at 48.57 a share.

Not surprisingly, this year was one of the worst on record in terms of yearly gains and losses for the things with wings, collectively speaking.

Of all the airline and airline-related stocks we track, only four managed to post a gain for the year.

Those four were:

Allegiant 51%

Hawaiian Airlines 25%

JetBlue 20.3%

Alaska Air Group 17%

*Alaska and JetBlue are also two PlaneBusiness favorite stocks.

To see how your favorite (or not-so-favorite) airline stock performed in 2008, click here.

Getting Back in the Groove: Go Vote


Hello everyone. Okay, I promise. I’m going to try and get back in the groove here this week with PlaneBuzz. My apologies again for being rather absent of late. But as I explained the other day, I’m in the middle of trying to set up a new office/home in Dallas, and well — I hate to offend you folks but — PlaneBusiness Banter subscribers will always get first dibs on my constricted time. And energy.

Speaking of — what’s that? Energy… that is.

Energy is what all of you need today as you go to vote, as it might take some time. But it is important. So go do it. Whatever it takes, however long it takes.

As for me, I voted early last week, before I left the Worldwide Headquarters.

Just do it.