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Delta Comes Out …of Bankruptcy


For a video of the festivities today that marked the airline’s exit from the bankruptcy bunker, click here.

Oh, and the big super secret new Delta livery? You saw it here on PlaneBuzz — almost a month ago.

I have to admit, watching Delta CEO Jerry Grinstein jumping around to the sounds of U2 onstage in front of hundreds of screaming Delta employees was a bit disturbing.¬† It brought back unpleasant memories of Independence Air’s rollout and CEO Kerry Skeen’s appearance on stage. Although one of our readers who was at that infamous Indy AIr roll out tells me that event was much closer to a ‘religious experience.’

For you airline stock fans, shares of the reinvigorated Delta shares are scheduled to begin trading again on the NYSE on Thursday.

It’s Posted!

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This week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter is now posted. Yeah!

FYI. We are still making typo corrections on this week’s massive issue, but we want to make sure you folks on the East Coast can print and get out of the office on time.

Subscribers can access this week’s issue by clicking here.

Ah, Man

I have to put up with a 45-point show by Kobe last night?

That’s what I get for not staying up to the wee hours to watch.


We’re in the final stages of PBB construction, revision, and polish. Be back soon!

United Airlines’ ALPA MEC Issues No Confidence Resolution


Only one problem with that cartoon. The trend line is going in the wrong direction.

Against the backdrop of obscene management compensation payouts, the employees of United are, I think, more than justified in not being very happy with the rather mediocre financial performance the airline has posted since its exit from bankruptcy.

Today the United ALPA MEC decided to send a message to the Glenn and Jake show.

I doubt this will cause any radical changes to occur at the airline.

However — as we talked about in PBB last week — with the airline facing pilot shortages this summer, and with the recent proposed TA between management and the pilots’ union now toast — this does not bode well for the airline’s summer flying schedule.

Text of the resolution:

“Whereas, United Airlines continues to financially under perform in relation to its competitors, specifically American Airlines, which has not been through a bankruptcy while continuing to fund its employees pensions, and

“Whereas, United Airlines is the only major US airline which has not announced orders for new aircraft, and

“Whereas, the day-to-day operation of the airline continues to suffer due to poor planning and inadequate staffing,

“Therefore be it resolved that the UAL- MEC has no confidence in the senior management of the corporation, and

“Be it further resolved that the Master Chairman will communicate this to the CEO and Board of Directors at

the earliest opportunity.”

PBB Posting Tomorrow

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Okay all you hungry readers. This week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter is going to be posted tomorrow. It’s massive. Trust me. You’ll have lots to read.

We could get it posted later tonight, but it’s so long, I’d rather have a set of fresh eyes go over it in the morning before we post it for the masses.

Talk to you then. In the meantime — the Lakers and the Suns are on with Sir Charles at 9:30 CT if you need something to do. TNT in high definition no less. Woo hoo.

Nah. Not me. I’m still digesting earnings per share numbers. I need some time with my eyes closed.

Talk to you manana.

If Another Airline Releases Earnings This Week…


I’m going to scream.

Not really.

Most of the screaming came yesterday when I saw how badly United Airlines did in the first quarter.

Yes, this poor performance comes from the same management team we awarded our special “Greed” Award to last year.

Actually, the award was technically¬† the “First Ever Glenn Tilton Self-Enrichment Award.

You would think the least this blatantly overpaid bunch could do would be run a fairly efficient airline.

But no. That would mean they had actually done something while the airline was in bankruptcy. (Besides wipe out employees pensions and award themselves handsome “Get out of Bankruptcy Rich” cards that is.)

Oh, and for those of you trying to figure out the airline’s press release announcing the earnings? Good luck. We’ll take our best crack at it in this week’s PlaneBusiness Banter.

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Good To Hear CNBC is On Game


Just got a note from one of our subscribers who caught the interview on CNBC with Doug Parker this morning on the airline’s earnings release today.

But as our eagle-eyed Mr. Colella reports, “The lead-in was just awful.¬† Something along the lines of “This is Doug Parker’s first interview on CNBC since his DUI conviction.” You won’t see that on the video.

P.S. US Airways announced pretty darn good numbers this morning.

Dallas, San Antonio Win: Texas Egos Intact


Dirk regained his composure last night and Dallas finally figured out how to beat the Warriors. Meanwhile San Antonio clamped down on the Carmello Anthony/Allen Iverson Traveling Road Show.

Texas NBA fans can breathe a bit easier today.

And what’s up with Mav’s owner Mark Cuban? He needs to a) get a hair cut and b) get rid of that motley looking attempt at facial hair.

Word of the Day: Decomplexify

And I quote,

“Our strategy is to ‘decomplexify’ airline operations in ways that keep costs down while making flying as simple and convenient as possible for passengers.”

Bill Diffenderffer, Skybus CEO.

I still want to see them try and tell people they can’t take food onboard the aircraft. I wouldn’t want to be that boarding agent. It’s a wonder one of their rules is not to confiscate iPods and DVD players from passengers, making them PAY for entertainment options. But then, they would have to put entertainment options on the airplane for passengers to purchase.

Just wait. This could be the next move.