If Another Airline Releases Earnings This Week…


I’m going to scream.

Not really.

Most of the screaming came yesterday when I saw how badly United Airlines did in the first quarter.

Yes, this poor performance comes from the same management team we awarded our special “Greed” Award to last year.

Actually, the award was technically¬† the “First Ever Glenn Tilton Self-Enrichment Award.

You would think the least this blatantly overpaid bunch could do would be run a fairly efficient airline.

But no. That would mean they had actually done something while the airline was in bankruptcy. (Besides wipe out employees pensions and award themselves handsome “Get out of Bankruptcy Rich” cards that is.)

Oh, and for those of you trying to figure out the airline’s press release announcing the earnings? Good luck. We’ll take our best crack at it in this week’s PlaneBusiness Banter.

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