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Picture of the Week: jetBlue Goes Swimming at O’Hare

I’m sure most of you have seen some of these pictures that are the hot item in all of our inboxes this week. I would have posted some sooner, but we had to get our upgrade bugs here at PlaneBuzz taken care of.

While Hurricane Ike and its effects to south Texas were widely disseminated this week — what a lot of people did not know is that while Ike was battering the southern coast of Louisiana and Texas, a nasty storm, unassociated with Ike, decided to batter the heck out of the Midwest. Particularly the Chicago area.

These are pics that were taken on Saturday at O’Hare and I think they give you a pretty good idea of how high the water levels were. I would give credit to the photographer, but I’ve received copies from so many people and no one seems to know exactly who took them.

My only question is this. Who was the bright guy who thought that putting snow removal equipment out there was going to help?

From what we understand, the move didn’t do much more than create waves that of course made the water levels even higher as they moved to the gate areas.

Good thinking guys.

Needless to say, these kinds of water levels are not good for equipment — brakes, rims, not to mention the bottom halves of engine cowlings. That water was way too close to those engines for me.

As one pilot wrote me today, “There’s no way I would want to taxi through that kind of water.”

Tell you what. I’m not a pilot, but I wouldn’t want to taxi through it either.





Good Morning

Great crisp fall morning here at the Worldwide Headquarters. We’re in final edits with PBB — will let you know when this week’s issue is posted.

Meanwhile, since we haven’t had a Foto Friday in awhile, who can tell me what year this picture was taken?

Back in a bit.

P.S. Check out those uniforms. Now those are real airline pilots.


Foto Friday

What happens when Memphis ATC goes down?  DFW becomes a huge parking lot.

My thanks to one of our longtime American Airlines‘ pilot readers who snapped this as he arrived in DFW this week. That was after he had taken the long way home to DFW, via Alexandria, LA.


Now *This* Was Flying

Look at this Beast. Not to mention the lovely Texaco refueling truck.


Love those colors on the prop tips.

Just one example of plane porn I uncovered as I was searching through some of my parents’ slide carousels recently. Yes, remember them?

Foto Friday

First, a thank you. I received a number of photos this past week for possible inclusion in Foto Friday. Don’t stop. We’re always on the lookout for more!

This week we have a cool shot that was taken by American Airlines’ pilot Kent Wien.  Last month he had the opportunity to fly with his dad on a DC-3 transcon flight from NY to Seattle.  And this, sportsfans, is a shot that Kent took looking down on Niagara Falls. 

Img 9944

Kent has a cool blog, with more information on this trip and others. Check it out!

Foto Friday: TWA Constellation

Now this is a great Foto Friday specimen. (For a minute there I thought we were going to have to change this to “Cat Foto Friday.”)

Thanks to Eric Olesen from Amadeus Revenue Integrity who sent this great shot of the “Star of Switzerland.” Nice shot of the TWA Constellation. This silver beauty can be found at the Pima Air/Space Museum in Tucson.


Foto Friday

Okay, I know. I’ve dropped the ball on this one of late. Kind of hard to go searching through photos when we’re in the midst of writing an issue or doing an interview.

But now we’re back to our usual Friday routine.

This means?

This means I need some PICTURES.

C’mon guys. Several of our American Airlines’ readers have been very good at sending me shots — but this is not the American Airlines’ Foto Friday.

So — for next week — send me your shots. Airplanes, people you work with, the barbecue pit out there under the Southwest gates in Phoenix I spied last week, (if you don’t do it, I will because I have the shots) the rumba competition you had in reservations two weeks ago.

Just send your submissions to me care of hhegeman (at)

Foto Friday in the subject line will also help me pick them out from the rest of the usual fodder.