Foto Friday

Okay, I know. I’ve dropped the ball on this one of late. Kind of hard to go searching through photos when we’re in the midst of writing an issue or doing an interview.

But now we’re back to our usual Friday routine.

This means?

This means I need some PICTURES.

C’mon guys. Several of our American Airlines’ readers have been very good at sending me shots — but this is not the American Airlines’ Foto Friday.

So — for next week — send me your shots. Airplanes, people you work with, the barbecue pit out there under the Southwest gates in Phoenix I spied last week, (if you don’t do it, I will because I have the shots) the rumba competition you had in reservations two weeks ago.

Just send your submissions to me care of hhegeman (at)

Foto Friday in the subject line will also help me pick them out from the rest of the usual fodder.