Good Morning

Great crisp fall morning here at the Worldwide Headquarters. We’re in final edits with PBB — will let you know when this week’s issue is posted.

Meanwhile, since we haven’t had a Foto Friday in awhile, who can tell me what year this picture was taken?

Back in a bit.

P.S. Check out those uniforms. Now those are real airline pilots.


2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. SWA Blog Boy

    That’s a hard one. Judging by the uniforms, I would say that this was in the era before PanAm influenced pilot uniforms. My guess is the 1940s. Now, is the building United’s old Headquarters on Cicero Avenue across from MDW?

  2. Holly Hegeman

    Hey there Brian! Ah, you have me on the address issue, but that sounds about right. One of our ORD folks is going to have to help us on that one.
    But nope. You’re not close enough to win the prize. I can’t tell you how off you are, or else I would give the right answer away!

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