United Airlines’ ALPA MEC Issues No Confidence Resolution


Only one problem with that cartoon. The trend line is going in the wrong direction.

Against the backdrop of obscene management compensation payouts, the employees of United are, I think, more than justified in not being very happy with the rather mediocre financial performance the airline has posted since its exit from bankruptcy.

Today the United ALPA MEC decided to send a message to the Glenn and Jake show.

I doubt this will cause any radical changes to occur at the airline.

However — as we talked about in PBB last week — with the airline facing pilot shortages this summer, and with the recent proposed TA between management and the pilots’ union now toast — this does not bode well for the airline’s summer flying schedule.

Text of the resolution:

“Whereas, United Airlines continues to financially under perform in relation to its competitors, specifically American Airlines, which has not been through a bankruptcy while continuing to fund its employees pensions, and

“Whereas, United Airlines is the only major US airline which has not announced orders for new aircraft, and

“Whereas, the day-to-day operation of the airline continues to suffer due to poor planning and inadequate staffing,

“Therefore be it resolved that the UAL- MEC has no confidence in the senior management of the corporation, and

“Be it further resolved that the Master Chairman will communicate this to the CEO and Board of Directors at

the earliest opportunity.”