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Don’t let a German Dessert Beat Cranky Flier

Okay loyal readers. I have a task for you to do today.

Today is the last day you can vote in this year’s “Weblog Awards.”

Brett Snyder’s blog Cranky Flier, has been nominated for best travel blog. As of this posting, he trails “My Kugelhopf” by a little more than 100 votes.

As you all know, Brett is a friend of the PlaneBusiness empire, and well, even though the whole concept behind the Weblog awards is nothing more than a glorifed beauty contest — there’s no question that if you win, it can give your site some nice added attention. And in the case of Brett, who does not have a subscriber publication to pay the rent — but just the blog — added attention is about the best thing you can ask for.

Go vote.

I would say vote now, vote often. But each IP is limited to one vote a day. And today is the last day.

So one vote will suffice.

But if you want to run around your office and vote from every computer, that would be fine too.

Yes, that’s me and that’s Brett at last fall’s Southwest Airlines’ Halloween festivities. Brett dressed as a Canadian Mountie, in honor of Southwest’s link-up with Canadian wunderkind WestJet. He also awarded free Molsons from his backpack to deserving Halloween skit participants. A truly selfless act.


Getting Back in the Groove: Go Vote


Hello everyone. Okay, I promise. I’m going to try and get back in the groove here this week with PlaneBuzz. My apologies again for being rather absent of late. But as I explained the other day, I’m in the middle of trying to set up a new office/home in Dallas, and well — I hate to offend you folks but — PlaneBusiness Banter subscribers will always get first dibs on my constricted time. And energy.

Speaking of — what’s that? Energy… that is.

Energy is what all of you need today as you go to vote, as it might take some time. But it is important. So go do it. Whatever it takes, however long it takes.

As for me, I voted early last week, before I left the Worldwide Headquarters.

Just do it.