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PlaneBusiness Banter Now Posted!


Happy Turkey Day Week everyone!

This week’s Turkey Day edition of PlaneBusiness Banter is now posted. Good thing too, because that chocolate walnut pecan pie is calling my name. Along with the pumpkin bread. And the smoked salmon. And the apple pie. And, you get the picture.

And tomorrow…..it’s TURKEY.

But before all that we give you the inside scoop on our little sit-down with execs at US Airways this week. No, it had nothing to do with the merger. It was, however, very constructive.

We also update you on the latest concerning the American Airlines/US Airways situation — including our updated timetable on a potential merger announcement, pricing of the deal, and our take on why pilots should or shouldn’t vote for the TA that has been sent out.

Meanwhile, up in Chicago, the folks at United suffered yet another IT-related hiccup last week. That’s three of them. Thankfully for them, it is now Wednesday evening pre-Thanksgiving and the airline seems to be behaving itself. Last time I checked.

Not too long after the airline had jumpstarted itself again last week, Jeff Smisek, United AIrlines CEO, personally greeted the airline dorks who were part of this year’s Star Alliance MegaDo around the world trip last week. We have the video. Furthermore, we really, really, liked his presentation.

Delta Air Lines rolled out a cool new onboard video this week. We give you a look at that as well.

Oh and we have lots of serious stuff as well. We have full 3Q earnings reports from WestJet and Air Canada. We have October traffic numbers. We have stock performance. We have 3Q break-even and operating margin rankings.

You name it — we have it. And more.

PlaneBusiness Banter is now ready to be devoured. Gobble, gobble.

Pigs Flew This Weekend at the Worldwide Headquarters: We’re Now All A-Twitter


For those who are addicted to tweets, PlaneBusiness is now on Twitter.

The account name is: PlaneBusiness. Creative, huh?

Just an updated note for subscribers. I did not realize that Twitter account names are case sensitive. I think that is nuts, but it is what it is.

This week I alerted PlaneBusiness Banter subscribers that we had a new Twitter account and that the account name was PlaneBusiness.

No, apparently I was mistaken.

It was actually “planebusiness.”

Okay, so now the account has been “tweaked” and it is now, officially, “PlaneBusiness.” (Two capital letters in a sea of lower case.)


It may take a while for that change to propagate through the system, but if you would like to follow us, just look for either version today. The corrected account name should be the only one active tomorrow.

Just a cautionary note. If you need to contact me about a potential story, or news item, or you have a question or whatever — please continue to send me an email to: hhegeman at planebusiness.com.

I don’t intend to use the Twitter feed as a two-way communication device.