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Atlantic Southeast Puts “Ground Stop” To SureJet Name


Atlantic Southeast Airlines sent me an email this afternoon in which the airline admits that perhaps the name “SureJet” was not such a good idea after all.

“Since we value the feedback we’ve received to date, we have put a ground stop on the SureJet name,” the airline said.

Yesterday the subsidiary of SkyWest, which is merging with ExpressJet, announced the new name of the combined airline was going to be “SureJet.”

To say that the news was met with an unfavorable response from both industry observers and employees alike would be an understatement.

Here’s the statement I received this afternoon from Kate Modolo, spokesperson for the airline.

Atlantic Southeast and ExpressJet on July 13 announced that SureJet would be the new name of our combined airline, once our merger is complete later this year.

We’ve heard our team members’ significant concerns about the new name, and it appears we’ve missed our mark. The No. 1 goal with our new name was to create an identity that represented our people, and that our people would be proud of. Since we value the feedback we’ve received to date, we have put a ground stop on the SureJet name so we can solicit further input from our people, and get this important merger milestone right.”


SureJet? SURELY They Must Be Kidding


Yesterday I received a press release from the nice folks at Atlantic Southeast Airlines, letting me know that after it completes its merger with ExpressJet, the two airlines will be branded and marketing under one — new– name for parent company SkyWest.

That name?


Yeah. Sure.

No, I’m not kidding.

I tweeted my disbelief over this horrible god-awful choice yesterday, but the emails kept coming in today, so I figured I’d go ahead and weigh in here on PlaneBuzz, since this platform has a bigger audience of both PlaneBusiness Banter subscribers and non-subscribers.

People I’ve talked to have, overwhelmingly, and without exception, reacted by shaking their heads, asking me to repeat myself, or simply saying things like 1) it sounds like a household cleaner 2) it sounds like a new maxi-pad 3) it sounds horrible coming off the tongue 3) it sounds like a cynical joke.

I tweeted yesterday that I thought it sounded like something from a Saturday Night Live skit.

One of our PBB subscribers wrote me today and shared this comment,

SureJet.. . REALLY?! We actually paid someone to come up with this?!

I’m no branding expert, but a name like that doesn’t really give me the warm and fuzzies when thinking about, oh I don’t know, reliability, completion, prospects, the future… shall I go on?
And oh the possibilities for puns… ‘Surely you can’t be serious…?’

Word from the presentation was there were audible gasps followed by silence. Brad Holt then bolted up to the mike to declare the name “grows on you.” Not quite.
Rumor today is the new brand is quietly being shelved. Wish I could log on to the company website to check, but it’s been down all afternoon…. I’m SURE they’re working on it. “

Trust me. You don’t need to be a marketing or branding expert to know this name needs to be tossed.

“The name grows on you?” Ah. No. Surely Brad Holt, you jest.