PlaneBusiness Banter Now Posted!

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I know. We are a bit late this week. Well, ahem, it’s been kind of a madhouse this week. To say the least.

Nonetheless this week we have another mega-earnings issue of PlaneBusiness Banter for subscribers to peruse. You can access this latest issue here.

Yes, we are still talking about earnings and this week we have four in-depth reports on the recent earnings released by United Airlines, US Airways, Alaska Air Group and JetBlue.

We also have PlaneBusiness Banter earnings summaries posted for the other airlines that have reported their first quarter numbers.

But hey, all everyone wants to talk about is the United/Continental merger. Right?

Yes, we talk about that as well.

We also give you just a glimpse of what we heard this year at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airline Symposium — more in next week’s issue.

The Readers Write section is also a hot area this week as we talk more about automobiles, our recent selection of Dave Barger for the PlaneBusiness Wild Turkey Award, and we clarify some comments both I made and analyst Jamie Baker made recently concerning American Airlines.

All this and more in another whopper-sized issue.