Continental Airlines/United Airlines Deal Official

It’s all over the news. Has been since the wee hours of this morning. Do we have thoughts on this? Of course.

But more on these later. And probably more after that.

Meanwhile, the official site of the merger is

As one person who was close to the United/US Airways‘ talks said to me this morning, “Looks very much like the website we had been working on for the last several months.”

Ah, yeah. I’m sure it does.

One thing I do like about the new blended airline, which apparently will be operated as part of United Continental Holdings, Inc., is that it appears they are going to keep the Continental Airlines livery (thank god) but keep the name United.

I like that. About time United Airlines got rid of that ugly Stephen Wolf-induced battleship grey livery. (Yes there are still a few out there.) The other positive thing about this is that visually, and viscerally, the Continental Airlines brand then becomes the surviving brand going forward — not United Airlines.

And that is the way it should be, as Continental Airlines has the better operations team, a better all-around management team, a superior customer service reputation, and the better corporate sales team.

Below you see the new computer-generated livery superimposed on a Boeing 787 mock-up.

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    Hi Holly,
    Do you have a high resolution image of the United picture you posted above? If so, I want to know if I can inquire about purchasing a copy of the high res image from you. Please call me at 657-229-8394.
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