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The Dog Ate the PON Card: Why PBB Is Still Not Posted

Verizon.jpg Hello.

See this truck?

This is the truck that the Verizon FIOS service repair person drove to the Worldwide Headquarters this morning at 10 AM.

This visit was in response to my call to Verizon on Tuesday after a new router that they sent did nothing to solve the problem. Their customer service person at that point assured me that the problem was in the Verizon “box” on the wall.

This was after customer service at Verizon had told me Monday that we had lost connectivity because of a bad router.

But remember, I installed a new router on Tuesday — and nothing changed.

So today, at 10 AM, a live person shows up to “change out” the bad Verizon box on my wall. However, in an ominous sign, he tells me before he does it that this will probably not solve the problem. He’s been down this road before.

Live person changes out the box.

He was right.

Nothing changes.

For the next four hours he and I keep testing. Ethernet only. Router on, router off. Hard reboots. On and on. He keeps telling Verizon techs the same stories over and over and over. I can’t go anywhere else and try to get this week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter completed – as I have to stay and test with my laptop.

Because I am the customer. Because the Verizon tech can’t stay here by himself.

By this time, after six days of this — and a huge issue sitting half completed — I feel like I have been put through a pasta machine. Over and over and over again.

Finally, at 2:38 P.M., after test number 268, the pages magically load. The connections don’t hang. I can finally upload pages to the website again.

And post this blog post.

See that truck?

The one that is marketing Verizon’s “blazing fast internet.” What you don’t see is the small print that reads,

*Most of the time. And definitely not when your PON card is bad.

You IT geeks will understand.

For all the rest of you — Monday’s issue of PBB will be posted later today.