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Hot and Heavy: AirTran Pilot Union Message Board Shut Down


One of our very long-time PlaneBusiness Banter subscribers who also happens to fly for AirTran tells us that “things are very hot” in Atlanta as pilots there debate the proposed agreement between AirTran and Southwest Airlines pilots.

So hot that the AirTran ALPA MEC issued this letter this afternoon:

“July 24, 2011

Fellow Pilots,

During a special meeting today, the Master Executive Council voted to temporarily suspend the union web forum. This step was not taken lightly, as the MEC feels that pilots should be free to debate the topics that impact all of us. However, the discourse has become too uncivil at times, and policing the posts too difficult.

The MEC officers and status representatives are still available to answer questions or take feedback, either through their e-mail addresses or cell phones. A complete list of contacts is available at www.airtranpilots.org<http://www.airtranpilots.org>.

Thank you for your understanding.

The AirTran Master Executive Council”

Doesn’t matter what negotiation it is. Or what airline. There is no such thing as a “slam-dunk” when it comes to pilots, contracts and …. questions of seniority.