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The Personal Side of Ice and Snow Takes Top Billing from Mesa Air Group’s Bankruptcy Filing

In the last two days I have lost count of how many of you have sent me notes re: Mesa Air Group’s bankruptcy filing.

No, I am not on another planet.

Yes, of course I am aware the airline filed for bankruptcy.

Yes, I’ll be talking about it in this week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter.

But I have what I think is a pretty good reason for not jumping in here and jabbering about Mesa, or anything else for that matter.

It goes something like this.

Over the last couple of days I traveled to New Orleans where I retrieved PlaneDad, who is now 90. We both drove back to the DFW Worldwide Headquarters, as he planned on staying in this part of the world for a week or so.

Up until that point, all was well, including a perfect flight for me on Southwest Airlines over to MSY.

But it was after he and I returned to DFW that the story takes a little more disheartening turn, for you see, my father decided in the early AM hours to go out to his car to retrieve a banana that he had brought with him. The banana, of course, was to go on his shredded wheat.

Yes, PlaneDad is a creature of habit. No shredded wheat without the banana. And the 2% milk. Accompanied, of course, by a glass of pulpless orange juice.

I told him no, don’t go out there. It is icy. He said he would be careful. I said again, no, I will go get my shoes. Just sit down.

You know where this is headed.

I went in to put my shoes and my coat on — and he went out the door. And not 10 seconds later, he was down on the driveway pavement of the Worldwide Headquarters with what appeared to be, and as of today has been confirmed — a shattered left hip.

So pardon my silence on all things airline for the last couple of days — particularly the news concerning the Mesa bankruptcy.

Then again — I noted when we awarded the Mesa Air Group Board of Directors with our PlaneBusiness Ron Allen Airline Mismanagement Award two years ago that bankruptcy was probably a foregone conclusion for the airline.

Two years ago.

Can’t say I didn’t give you plenty of warning.