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PlaneBusiness Banter Now Posted!

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Hello earthlings. This week in PlaneBusiness Banter we are, of course, talking fuel prices. Jet fuel prices to be exact. New York Harbor Jet closed today at $3.22/gallon. Have you filled up your Boeing 737-800 lately? Yes, well, if you have — you can understand why the airline industry is having its own equivalent of an anxiety attack.

Today American Airlines became the second major US carrier to announce a reduction in its capacity forecast for the year. (JP Morgan analyst Jamie Baker has to be sooo happy with this news — after the hard time he gave the airline about their capacity plans in the airline’s fourth quarter earnings call.) Delta already reduced its numbers in February.

Who will be next?

We also have our in-depth earnings call review this week for both SkyWest and Republic Holdings — our last two US airline industry earnings calls for the fourth quarter.

Calls for both airlines were quite interesting, but I have to say, I did not realize that ….well, I’ll keep what I was surprised about in the SkyWest call a surprise. You’ll just have to read.

We also talk about the fourth quarter numbers that a number of Asian carriers posted last week including Air Asia, Malaysia, and Tiger Airways.

We also take a look at US industry revenues for the fourth quarter this week. If you want a graphical look at how revenues in this industry are consolidating — your search has ended with this week’s issue.

Also — do you know the difference between a “weighted average” and normal average? If you frequently look at summaries about various industry metrics, it might be a good idea if you knew what the difference was. There — that’s our small effort at financial education for the week.

Airline stocks? Can we change the subject please? With crude oil prices up more than 13% on the week and jet fuel up 8% — it was a horrible week for the sector. Shares of Air Canada posted the biggest loss of the double-digit loser group.

As always, all this and more — in this week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter.

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Jet Fuel Closes Up 13 Cents on the Day: $3.22/gallon

New York Harbor Jet picked up another 13 cents in trading today. Closed at $3.22/gallon.

Last week Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly said the airline would not reassess its capacity plans unless fuel hit $3.30 a gallon. Looks like that day could come sooner than he had anticipated.

Meanwhile, American Airlines became the second major US carrier (behind Delta who did so in February) to announce a cutback in 2011 capacity as a result of higher fuel prices.

Wall Street Makes History, Airline Stocks React Erratically, Oil Drops Significantly


It’s official.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average posted its worst week in history this week.

The average had its worst week on record in both point and percentage terms, as did the Standard & Poor’s 500 index.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, after starting the day down more than 700 points, finished down only 128 points, but it was one wild road in between.

Over the last eight days, the Dow has lost just under 2400 points.

As for airline stocks, it was also a volatile mix today as several airlines stocks posted record-breaking one-day gains. But we had some losers in the bunch as well.

On the huge plus side for the day, shares of Republic Holdings picked up a whopping 29% today. Yes, you read that correctly. Shares here closed at 8.94.

But wait — we had one airline stock do even better. Shares of Alaska Air Group shot up 31% on the day, closing at 18.80.

Shares of US Airways also had a great day, as shares here were up 27%, closing at 4.60.

AMR, parent of American Airlines saw their shares pick up 20%, closing at 8 bucks even.

AirTran also had a good day, as shares here picked up a nice 18%, closing at 1.96.

Shares of SkyWest didn’t have a bad day either, as shares here shot up 17%, closing at 13.75.

On the loser side, we really just had a small handful of notable drops for the day.

Shares of Pinnacle were down 10%, closing at 2.37, while shares of Mesa dropped back 15%, closing at 25 cents.

Embraer and Bombardier didn’t have good days either — not surprising considering the action in the market as a whole. Embraer shares closed down 8%, ending the week at 17.20, while shares of Bombardier closed down 16%, ending the week at 3.50.

And, last, but by no means least — where did crude and jet fuel end up today?

Crude futures closed at 77.70, down 8.89 on the day, while the average spot price for jet fuel closed at 2.33, down 21 cents on the day.

Taken by itself, this would be great news for the things with wings.

Unfortunately, there is that elephant that is blocking the view to the nice new HD flatscreen — the rest of the financial/economic mess on a worldwide basis and the recognition, finally, that no, this is not just a little “subprime” mortgage problem centered in California, Arizona and Florida.