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Big Liquidity News at American Airlines

us dollar bills.jpg

One can never have enough cash.

Especially not in these days and times.

Following this train of thought, today AMR, parent of American Airlines, announced that it has put together a deal that will bring $1.3 billion in additional liquidity to the airline. In addition, the company announced that it has negotiated a reduction in the airline’s credit card holdback total of nearly $300 million. Combined, this means an additional $1.6 billion in new liquidity by the end of they year.

According to analyst Gary Chase with Barclays, this announcement, combined with the airline’s revenue fundamentals means that, according to his estimates, the airline should end the year with about $4.3 billion in unrestricted cash or 22% of trailing revenue. Give or take.

As Gary also noted, he now expects the airline to have “ample cash to manage its upcoming debt maturities. Moreover, we suspect re-financing those maturities will now be facilitated by a stronger liquidity position.”

Gary also noted that the airline is expected to release its mid-quarter update tomorrow, which effectively is a pre-announcement of third quarter earnings.

Gary expects the airline to post a $0.75 loss for the quarter — which is right in line with consensus.