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Rogue Frontier Airlines Blog: This is Good Stuff


One of the things that airline management team members have to understand is this — In this day of blogs and internet chat rooms — you can’t sweep the voice of concerned and/or pissed off and/or disillusioned employees under the rug like you used to years ago.

Nope. Those days are long gone.

Need we talk about the series of “Hitler” videos from the various airline pilot groups that popped up last year?

Today, the latest example of this: A blog by the name of “All Things Frontier Airlines.

No, I don’t know who is writing this effort, but whoever it is is both very knowledgeable about the airline, and he/she has a razor wit to boot.

Kudos to whomever is writing this. It is one of the better “rogue” efforts we’ve seen in a long time.

Here is a snippet from the Thursday post.

“Today, Republic found themselves in the news twice. The first article which appeared in the Denver Post, was aptly named “Republic chief has “work to do”. For the most part the article was pretty mundane, but for me the most telling quote in the piece was, “Bedford said there are no immediate plans to replace Menke but that if a successor is named, the person will be added at Republic headquarters.” Apparently, Bedford has obtained a copy of “Revenue Management for Dummies” and feels that he no longer needs the services of anyone with experience in that field or that moving the functions to Indianapolis will magically solve all of those issues like it has everything else. The article goes on to mention that Frontier will be receiving 3 Airbus 330’s and 7 Embraer 190 aircraft. I truly hope that the A330 mention was a misquote or a typo instead of A320, but at this point I can’t say I would be surprised if it was not and Mr. Bedford doesn’t realize the differences in the aircraft. Most of all, I really like the title of this article, “Republic chief has “work to do”. Naturally, I began to wonder what work Mr. Bedford has in store. After much searching, I was finally able to obtain this mysterious “To Do” list and as I think you will see, it offers much insight on what it takes to be the CEO at Republic Airways.

Brian Bedford To Do list:
– Check E-Mail and forward “Obama no birth certificate email” again to the non believers.
– Look up current fuel prices and figure out what can be moved to Indianapolis or who’s pay can be cut as a result.
– Take a nap.
– Call CEO of Qwest and convince him to move the business and employees to Indianapolis.
– Prepare weekly letter to employees by incorporating at least 2 scriptures, 1 quote from Winston Churchill, and the evils of same sex marriage.”