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Update on TSA Idiocy: Subpoenas Pulled


I am very happy to report that the braintrust at the TSA (is that an accurate assumption?) decided that perhaps slapping subpoenas on travel-site bloggers who posted revised TSA passenger security guidelines that were pretty readily available all over the web anyway was a big waste of time.

But not before some damage was done. Specifically to blogger Steve Frischling’s hard drive.

But before I get into the details — a mea culpa. I forgot to note the address of Steve’s blog in my earlier post on this debacle. Steve, who is a photographer when not posting to one of his blogs, writes FlyingWithFish. I had previously only mentioned his work involving the KLM blog.

On New Year’s Eve the TSA apparently notified both Steve and Chris Elliott that the previously served subpoenas on both were being dropped in their entirety.

What has not been determined yet is whether or not the TSA is going to repair or replace Steve’s MacBook which they confiscated earlier in the week in their quest to find “the truth.”

Apparently the machine’s hard drive is toast. And of course, everything that was on it. I only hope Steve had backed up all his photographs recently.


Thank you to whomever it was at the TSA who did the right thing — finally — and dropped the subpoenas.