PlaneBusiness Banter Now Posted!

home-typewriter copy 1You know, one of these days we need to stop posting in the middle of the night. One of these days.

Hello earthlings! Goodness. We’ve had back to back issues within less than a week this last week due to yours truly traipsing around the countryside.

Last week I was at the ISTAT Americas conference in Scottsdale. Subscribers got to hear about the Bombardier/Embraer presentation that proved Bombardier doesn’t have a clue as to how to address the perception issues of its CSeries. Then we talked a great deal about AVITAS SVP Adam Pilarski’s update on the price of oil and why he thinks it’s not going higher anytime soon.

For more than a few years, Adam has steadfastly said that oil was going to drop to $40 a barrel — and his reasons seem pretty valid today.

Then we talked about just what Air Lease Corp.’s Steve Hazy wants in Boeing’s new airplane. Hint: Twin aisle. 200-225 seats.

But we talked about a lot more — but that was last week.

In this week’s follow-up issue we give you our take on the Aviation Summit that was held in Washington on Tuesday. This year it became a place where both sides of the Open Skies fight presented their respective cases. Lots of noise around all of this — but all of that really means nothing. We remain convinced that the report the U.S. carriers has put together is more than enough for the State Department to open up consultations on the Open Skies agreements.

We also talk this week about American Airlines’ inclusion in the S&P 500; Ryanair’s plans to start up a trans-Atlantic operation; Spirit’s descent into adolescent frat house humor again; Spirit’s arrival in the monthly DOT Air Travel Consumer Report, and we also have another Cranky Analysis column by Brett Snyder. This week Brett, who moonlights as a contributing editor for us, looks at the Atlanta market. Have fares gone down since Southwest Airlines has eliminated AirTran? Not hardly.

All of this, and much, much more — in this week’s edition of PlaneBusiness Banter.