PlaneBusiness Banter Now Posted!

home-typewriter copy 1¬†Hello everyone. It’s that time again. Time for this week’s edition of PlaneBusiness Banter.¬†

This week we are talking a lot about the obvious — the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 in San Francisco. But we don’t really get into the particulars of the “why” — that is what the NTSB is working on now. Although if we were to guess, it isn’t going to take that long to figure this one out. Or as I said in this week’s issue this isn’t a TWA 800 situation.

In our column this week we look at the communications surrounding the crash. How quickly Asiana did or did not respond on Saturday, how inept the coverage of the crash was on CNN, and how social media is where you found the most accurate information most quickly.

As I point out, when you have a survivor of an airplane crash Tweet that he just got off the plane — we’ve just crossed a new boundary here folks.

On the stock side, it was a pretty good week for the sector — not outstanding — but acceptable.

However, shares of Brazilian airline GOL once again took a huge hit, as they dropped 17%. That didn’t stop Imperial Capital analyst Bob McAdoo from initiating coverage and voicing a very bullish argument on why now might be a great time to jump into the stock.

As you know, we are a big fan of Bob’s.

Unfortunately the news from the oil markets was not what the airlines wanted to hear last week. Nor has it been this week either. The reason — the political unrest in Egypt. Oil moved up sharply last week, and it has not slowed down this week — hitting a new 15 month high Wednesday. Jet fuel has not been that far behind.

So sit down, make yourself a Moscow Mule, and enjoy a good read. All this and more in this week’s edition of PlaneBusiness Banter.