PlaneBusiness Banter Now Posted!

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Hello everyone. This week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter is now posted.

In this week’s issue we give you our take on what we think Ryanair is up to with its announced deal for Aer Lingus, we talk about the recent North Texas visits of US Airways executives, and we share what we think is the Kodak Moment of the Week from the recent US Airways’ Annual Meeting in New York.

Meanwhile, the 1113 process continues in the American Airlines bankruptcy. We think we’ll hear about a deal between the airline and the pilots this week — and it’s now up in the air as to whether Judge Lane will rule on Friday or not. He could rule on all three contracts, although APA has now formally requested a stay. Or, he could delay his ruling if he believes there is a chance for one, if not two of the unions to come to terms.

No, we don’t think the APFA will come to terms. Their contract will be abrogated.

Remember — all of this is part of the bankruptcy process. The 1113 proceedings have to come to a conclusion before the bankruptcy process can move forward, i.e., a US Airways plan be formally presented to the UCC.

As our Kodak Moment of the Week clearly shows, union leadership at the airline still solidly supports a merger with US Airways.

In other news, Delta Air Lines held its annual meeting in New York last week as well and CEO Richard Anderson talked a bit more about the airline’s refinery project. We talk a bit about that. And yes, to answer some recent questions — we like the idea a lot.

Airline stocks had a sloppy week last week, with the exception of LAN and GOL. The merger between LAN and TAM is now expected to become official on Friday, after an unexpected hold-up involving TAM shareholders. As we explain, this is no big deal, and after Friday, the largest airline in the world, per market capitalization, LATAM, will be based in Latin America.

The DOT April Air Travel Consumer Report was issued last week. All and all, a pretty good month for the airlines — particularly in terms of on-time performance and lost bags. But there were some airlines that did not fare quite as well as the others — and we’ll let you know both the good and bad news from the report.

As always, all this and more in this week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter.