PlaneBusiness Banter Now Posted!

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Good evening everyone.

This week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter is now posted. And a jam-packed issue it is.

This week we’re talking all things American Airlines (of course), we give you a look at the presentations last week at the Raymond James Global Airline Conference in New York, and of course, we have fourth quarter earnings reports from two airlines to dissect. Both Hawaiian Holdings, parent of Hawaiian Airlines, and Allegiant Travel Company reported earnings last week.

While we have been big fans of the Hawaiian Airlines story over the last several years, and particularly the last year, why is it that I was not that impressed with the airline’s earnings call? A hint: It has a lot to do with what is on the airline’s plate in 2012. Both in terms of revenues and costs.

As for Allegiant, the fourth quarter numbers were good, but the airline continues in the midst of its own transformation plan with seats being added to its aircraft and the carrier’s move into the Hawaiian-West Coast market still yet to launch.

Meanwhile, it was another great week for airline stocks on Wall Street. We tell you who posted double-digit gains for yet another week. (And a good number of airline stocks did just that.)

On the IT front, sources tell us that the HP “JetStream” PSS Extreme Makeover project at American Airlines is done. Not as in “It’s completed.” More like, “It’s done.” Toast.

We hear the project has finally been shelved — after the airline had spent tens of millions of dollars on it with little to show for its investment. In the airline’s bankruptcy filing, the airline said it owed HP some $30 million or so. In fact, HP has a seat on the airline’s unsecured creditors committee. The project was first announced in 2009.

Should be quite interesting to see what the airline does now. Will it crawl back to Sabre and try to work out some type of add-on to its existing Sabre system? Or will this give yet another vendor a chance to wriggle their toes in the door?

Meanwhile, up in New York last week Raymond James held its Global Airline Investor Conference. We’ll give you a peek at some of the presentations that were made by some of the usual suspects.

Malev shuts down, Ryanair moves in, and Singapore Airlines posts a 53% drop in fiscal third quarter earnings — all of this and much, much, more in this week’s jam-packed edition of PlaneBusiness Banter.