PlaneBusinessBanter Now Posted!

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Hello everyone. This week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter is now posted. This week I chat with Avondale Partners analyst Bob McAdoo. As you may recall McAdoo recently issued a research report on American Airlines in which he claims the airline is losing more than $10 million annually in revenues in more than 50 different markets.

After I talked extensively about the report in PBB two weeks ago, I received a slew of emails concerning Bob’s methodology. This week, I talk to Bob about all this — and more.

Spirit Airlines finally rolled out the IPO it has been trying to roll out for more than 14 years last week. The result? Not good. Not only could the airline’s underwriters not sell all the shares that were available, the price of the deal was marked down as well.

News of the poor showing by Spirit apparently has not deterred yet another low fare North American carrier from moving forward on its plans for an IPO. Can you guess who that is?

We also check in with Bill Greene, analyst at Morgan Stanley. We have the latest results from the last two institutional investor polls that Bill has pushed out. Bill uses the responses to his polls to gauge the views of his investor readership on various topics. What are his readers telling him now about airline stock prices in the next three months?

In other news, we discuss the first official review of the material found on the two recorders that were recovered from the ocean-floor resting place of Air France Flight 447. Contrary to what has been said in a number of media sources, I don’t think we’ve heard all the information there is to be shared, and it is still premature to determine exactly what the sequence of events were that took the plane down. But we certainly knew more than we knew before.

We could have a pilot strike in place against Virgin Atlantic before the end of June. Pilots are voting now on a strike ballot. I would be very, very, surprised if the pilots don’t vote to strike the airline. Tentative first dates the airline could be affected: Last week of June.

Oil prices remained stubbornly high last week, a fact that weighed heavily on the airline sector. It was a perfectly horrible week for airline stocks.

All this — and more — in this week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter.