Mexicana Labor Unions Say No: Airline Files for Bankruptcy Protection


I am sitting here waiting for the final edits to be completed on what is, without a doubt, the largest earnings issue of PlaneBusiness Banter we’ve ever had. More on that in a bit.

But in the meantime, an update on a story we talk about in this week’s issue. Mexicana Airlines just filed for bankruptcy.

The airline had given its unions a kind of “the worse of two evils” ultimatum last week and the unions didn’t bite. As a result the airline is now in bankruptcy, and we have been told by more than one PBB subscriber that the airline has already had a handful of planes repossessed. One thing the bankruptcy filing will do is prevent additional aircraft seizures.

This news comes just days after the FAA dinged the Mexican aviation safety rating to a number “2.”

The FAA action means two things. One, until it changes, it means that Mexican airlines cannot expand their service into the U.S. But secondly, it means that existing codeshare agreements between U.S. carriers and Mexican carriers are now on the shelf.

Delta Air Lines currently codeshares with Aeromexico and American Airlines has a codesharing agreement with Mexicana.

But we can’t forget Southwest Airlines, which was, at some point in the future, slated to start a new codesharing agreement with Volaris, yet another Mexican airline.