PlaneBusiness Banter Subscriber Log-In Problem

Hi guys. A funny thing happened on the way to our cutover to the new log-in/access system for PlaneBusiness Banter. The software guru told us this morning that the work was more or less ready to go — but this was only supposed to mean that it was okay to schedule the actual cutover.

Yes, well, I think instead …the cutover was DONE.

About ten minutes later I began receiving notes from subscribers saying they could not access this week’s issue.

Yes, just one of those techno clusters we all enjoy so much. Don’t you just love them?

Anyway, the appropriate folks who can fix the problem are now working to either return us to the previous system, or they are going to advise me on what we need to do to make sure everyone can get in– using the new system.

Please be patient. If you are a subscriber and we have your current email address, you’ll receive an email letting you know when the doors are open once again.

Thank you. You may now resume your Fourth of July party planning activities.