That’s It for Ecto

Anyone else out there using Ecto as a blog editor?
See that headline that says “CIT Bankruptcy Looks Imminent?”
That was, originally, a very long blog piece talking about how it appears CIT Group, the parent of CIT Aerospace, the third-largest aircraft leasing company, appears to have put together a pre-packaged bankruptcy deal.
Only one big problem.
When I pushed the “publish” button, the entire post disappeared. And yes, this was after I had carefully saved the thing at least three times to make sure nothing happened to it.
So I go to the software maker’s support boards.
Ever have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? You know the one. When you start reading post after post after post detailing the same problem you have just encountered (and more than once — it also ate my legendary “Ode to a Hot Dog” post in July) and it’s clear that the developers have not responded in months?
Bye bye Ecto.
Hello MacJournal.
Hopefully we have seen the last of the disappearing posts.