PlaneBusiness Banter Now Posted

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This week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter is now posted. Subscribers can access this week’s issue here.

What are we talking about this week?

Obviously we’re talking about the huge financial deal that American Airlines announced last week. We have all the details of the liquidity boost — but in my column this week I ask the question — why did the airline wait so long to go public with the deal? I think the answer is obvious — union/management politics.

And that is not a good thing for shareholders.

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly said Friday that it now looks like Southwest may post a profit for the year. 60 days ago that was not the case.

Oh, and all those headlines last week about Southwest targeting international destinations? Take a deep breath and a huge dose of reality.

Airline stocks had another good week last week, led by AMR, which picked up almost 30% on its liquidity news.

On the not-so-good news front, jet fuel prices were up last week as the crack spread jumped up almost 70%. Yikes.

Spirit got whacked by a record-breaking DOT fine last week. Just exactly did the airline do? Or not do?

And the der Fuhrer is back! This week’s Hitler YouTube parody takes on American Airlines’ management. Who’s next? United?

All this and more — in this week’s issue of PBB.