PlaneBusiness Banter Now Posted

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We’re baaack!

This week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter is now posted. If you are a subscriber, you can access your issue here.

What are we talking about in this week’s issue?

American Airlines and JAL: I think this is the deal that has the traction. I think Delta’s just trying to make life difficult for American here. JAL needs cash, American wants the joint venture. Now the bigger question is — where will American get the cash? With JAL looking for at least $500 million and maybe more — this will be a costly little venture for the folks over on Amon Carter.

The FAA. Both Southwest and American had more altercations with the agency while we were on vacation. But the big question subscribers were asking me was: Did I think the FAA gave Southwest preferential treatment in allowing them more time to install authorized parts?

Airline stocks: It has been a blockbuster three-week period for airline stocks. (That’s what we get for leaving.) Will it continue? Analysts last week were falling all over themselves with positive comments. Hmmmm.

ILFC: We have the latest. Now it looks like AIG doesn’t want to sell the whole thing. That’s okay with ILFC CEO Steve Hazy who apparently is now looking at a partial deal. He’s going to start a rival company. Go Steve.

RBS: Another aircraft lessor is about to go up for sale. Another victim of government subsidies given to its parent company. This time? It was the U.K. government.

DOT Airline Consumer Travel Report for July: A great month. Lower capacity does wonders for operational integrity.

Was I too harsh on Southwest in my comments in the last issue concerning the failed attempt to grab Frontier? We talk about it.

And more.