Wanted: Copy of Southwest Airlines Hitler Sub-Titled Video


I hate it when this happens.

Apparently the classic Hitler clip with the Southwest Airlines storyline has now disappeared from YouTube. I’ve been told by several folks that there was apparently a full-fledged effort by certain entities to find out who did it and get it removed from the public air space.

Whatever the reason — I’d bet on the new TA between the pilots and management– the video is gone.

Hey, I want a copy. It needs to go in the archives.

As one reader wrote this morning, “Alas, the stunningly funny video is no longer available on YouTube… Any chance you downloaded a copy and can email to me? Something this much of a classic must be saved for posterity…. Thanks…”

Okay — a one-year complimentary subscription to PlaneBusiness Banter is on the line. I know somebody out there has one. So — give it up!

hhegeman at planebusiness.com is the email address.