TGIF: It’s a Cat Pant Day


It’s Friday. It’s already 85 degrees here in Big D. And it’s not even 10 o’clock yet.

Not a good sign.

My trusty Apple iPhone weather app informs me that it will be 103 later today.


You know it’s really hot when the cats pant.

I’ve written before about this.

We all know dogs pant all the time. But have you ever noticed how cats, being the more discreet and elegant animals that they are, are not that enthusiastic about showing public displays of pending heat stroke?

So when you open the door to a little face that has a jaw dropped and a little tongue furiously darting in and out — cats really do look funny when they pant — you know it is friggin’ hot outside.

So there you go. Looks like another “Cat Pant Heat” day for us, in addition to much of the rest of the country.