Ex-Southwest Airlines CEO Takes the Tiger Bait Bet


I knew somebody was going to take up the challenge.


Jim Parker, former general counsel and CEO at Southwest Airlines and devoted, er, obsessive University of Texas alum, has entered into a bet with me on the outcome of the College World Series. (The second game of which is now on hold because of a rain delay.)

If LSU wins, he has promised that he will allow himself to be photographed wearing some outrageous LSU attire. Of my choosing. I had suggested that he be forced to fly an LSU flag outside of his house for a week, but he declined, explaining, “I am not sure if Pat [Jim’s wife] would shoot me or divorce me first if I ever allowed an LSU flag to be hung on our house for a second, let alone a week.   I am pretty sure she would do both, I am just not sure in what order.”

If Texas wins, I am going to be forced to wear what we have dubbed, “The Orange Pimp Suit.” You may have seen them. LSU has a purple and gold version. Texas has an outrageous orange colored one with black and white zebra stripes. The only place I’ve ever seen them sold was on Bourbon Street.

Anyway, Jim’s son has one that he wore to the Texas-USC National Championship game a few years back.

Take my word for it. It’s atrocious.

So if Texas wins, I have to go get the Orange Pimp Suit and have my picture recorded for historical purposes. Although I do promise that I will wear more than just my underwear underneath it. Ahem.

Maybe instead of the Orange Pimp Suit, I could just wear this Bevo Hat. Nah, I’m not going to have to wear anything. I’m eagerly anticipating seeing Jim Parker in a purple and gold lame jumpsuit with matching tiger tail. Or something close to it.