It’s Official: Allegiant Picks LAX for New Base City

It’s official. For those Allegiant fans out there, you know the airline talked on its recent earnings call about setting up a new base city. Last week Cranky Flier went public with his guess — and his guess wasn’t really much of a guess after the airport manager in Sioux Falls went public about it being Los Angeles. Duh.

So why was the airport manager in Sioux Falls talking about it anyway?

Because on Allegiant’s website the airline had asked folks to guess what their new base city was going to be. The only information they were giving out last week is that the airline was going to start service out of the new base city to 12 destinations. And yes, one of those destinations just happened to be ….Sioux Falls.

Here are the 12 cities that Allegiant will begin operating to out of LAX:

1, Bellingham

2. Billings

3. Des Moines

4. Fargo

5. Grand Junction

6. McAllen

7. Medford

8. Missoula

9. Monterey

10. Sioux Falls

11. Springfield

12. Wichita

Hmmmm. This should be interesting.

2 thoughts on “It’s Official: Allegiant Picks LAX for New Base City

  1. Paul

    Holly, at they only list 11 cities (Monterey, Calif., is not included in the list of cities getting service to LAX).

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