What Are You Doing?

Hello everyone. It’s Friday the 13th.

I had a note yesterday from a reader who asked simply, “What are you doing?”

I don’t think he was suggesting that I put a webcam on the blog, but I can understand his question, considering I haven’t been around here much this week.

Well, here is what I have been doing.

MySQL, PHP, response templates, subscriber list merges.

Yes, we’re getting down to crunch time on some major upgrades to our site, and because I have been so caught up with earnings as of late, this week was the week devoted to spending a lot of time on the website project.

And yes, you’ll start to see a couple of changes here on PlaneBuzz as well. Woo hoo. We’ll finally do something more than the out of the box template. I know. I don’t know what’s gotten into me either.

Must be the fact all our major banks in this country are probably insolvent.

Or something like that.

More in a bit.