Virgin America, Republic Holdings and Shuttle America DOT Reports Are Finally Public


Eureka. It’s about time.

“The Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics today upheld its June 2008 decision to release to the public traffic, financial and origin and destination survey data filed by Virgin America.

            BTS denied an appeal by Virgin America of the June 26, 2008 decision by BTS’ Office of Airline Information on the airline’s request to keep the data confidential.   

            All filings on the docket DOT-OST-2008-0107 can be found on

            BTS also denied appeals from Republic Airlines and Shuttle America.  The two airlines appealed a previous denial of their confidentiality requests.  Documents for these cases can be found on

Shuttle America: DOT-OST-2005-23354

Republic Airlines: DOT-OST-2005-23355″

Readers will recall that Virgin America has refused to make its DOT financial and O&D information available ever since it began operation. The reason? We can only assume that it didn’t want us all to know how much money it was losing. And on what routes.

So the airline played the legal “wait it out” game by first refusing to do so, saying that it would be forced to “reveal confidential information” if it did so. That set in place a legal process that took time. In June the DOT ruled against the airline, but again, an appeal was filed.

So now, finally, we will all get to see the numbers that we should have had access to all along. On February 3. At 10:00 AM EST to be exact.

Oh, and yes, Republic and Shuttle America have been playing the same game. Their gig is up as well. Their numbers will also be available as of Feb. 3.

This whole thing is ridiculous. There should be changes made immediately to the process that prevents airlines from “opting” out of the reporting process. If they don’t report — their right to fly is yanked. Period.