American Airlines, US Airways Release Nov. Traffic Results


Since we started on this traffic, capacity and load factor watch this week, we might as well continue it.

Today American Airlines and US Airways reported their November numbers.

At American, RPMs fell 14.5% compared to a year earlier, but this was more than the airline’s reduction in capacity of 9.3%. This resulted in a drop in load factor of 4.6 points to 76.6%.

For American Eagle, things were even worse. RPMs here were down 21.5%, while capacity was down 15.9%. This resulted in a load factor drop of 4.6 points to 67.3%.

For US Airways, consolidated RPMs dropped 6.9% for November. But this pretty much matched the airline’s reduction in ASMs as the airline posted a drop in load factor of only 0.8 points. Basically flat.

For mainline only, the airline actually did quite well, as it saw RPMs down 3.6%. With capacity down 5.2%, this resulted in an increase in load factor — up 1.4 points to 81.9%.