Justice Department Okays Delta/Northwest Deal


The Department of Justice issued its Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval this afternoon for the proposed Delta/Northwest merger. Yawn.

I don’t think anyone really thought this okay was in doubt — although obviously because Delta cancelled their Media Day that was originally scheduled for tomorrow, I guess it came just a tad later than had been expected.

On with DelWest. Or would that be Norta?

Speaking of Norta….or DelWest there was a laundry list circulated earlier this week of some of the execs at Delta who are going to stay with the new entity.

And a bit of HR news from out of the two airlines’ current sphere of influence.

Ned Walker, who has headed up the PR and Communications function at Continental for a very long time — has moved to Norta. Or DelWest. Yes, Yes, Ned, I know. It’s going to be Delta. I’m just yankin’ you guys’ chain over there.

If you have ever questioned the power of relationships — when it comes to business — look at this move. If I am not mistaken Ned and Delta CEO Richard Anderson were both at Continental (back there in the dark ages) together.