Observations at 5 AM; PlaneDad Hits the Road With a Million Other People

Sleep? What’s that?gustraffic.jpg

At 2:30 this morning my father, who lives in Slidell, Louisiana, called to tell me that he was “throwing in the towel.” He had put what few things he could in his Toyota Corolla and was heading out. To where, he had no idea.

Apparently the exhortations of the local officials to get out, along with a further shift in the projected path of Gustav had convinced him that no, maybe he had best get the hell out of Dodge.

To put all of this in perspective, PlaneDad is 89 years old.

As late as yesterday evening, he had assured me that he had no intention of leaving. He was going to “ride it out.” And, after all, how could he let all those frozen TV dinners in the freezer he had just picked up at the commissary go to waste?

Tonight, apparently, he finally decided that perhaps this was not the best course of action.

I fear that he is going to find himself stuck in hours of traffic as a result. This decision was made way too late. And yes, I am very worried about him being on the road in the middle of the night.

But at least I was able to convince him to go north and then west. Hopefully he will end up in DFW at some point, where friends Brad and Beth Bartholomew now have me as a house guest. Dad will be guest number two.

As for the rest of the PBB family — they are still planning to “ride it out” in Covington, Louisiana at the Worldwide Headquarters.

All positive thoughts in that regard are strongly encouraged.

All for now — from what is now officially the PBB Worldwide Headquarters — in exile.