We Only Thought United’s Glenn Tilton Had Cleaned Up His Act: Tortured Triangulation Returns

PlaneBusiness Banter readers know that yours truly always looks forward to the airline industry earnings season for one big reason.


We just love to listen to United’s CEO Glenn Tilton. His use of corporate double-speak and lexacon overuse (abuse?) has given readers and myself many well-deserved chuckles over the last couple of years.

I threatened to put together a book of Glenn’s observations at one time. Maybe I need to revisit that plan.

Anyway, last quarter Glenn was not his usual self. I dunno. Maybe he was feeling a bit under the weather. But the old triangulation of synergistic applications working towards a mutual goal of corporate convergence just wasn’t there.

However, I am happy to report, after checking in with the United call yesterday that Glenn is back to his old tricks again.

So much so that Dallas Morning News Aviation blog reporter Terry Maxon had to give him a shout out today. Hey, Terry, welcome to the Tilton Triangulation fan club.

There were a couple of good ones in this quarter’s call, which we’ll talk about in more detail in this week’s PBB of course, but I think Terry did pick the most outstanding one to feature today in his blog.

Here you go. Way to go Glenn. In this quote he is responding to Credit Suisse analyst Dan McKenzie about whether or not there would be money available to back United — if the airline were to become involved in a potential merger.

I would suggest that back to the earlier discussion, that if you take the plans that we’re discussing today, capacity discipline as a principle rather than a synergy, take the focus on cost management that we are discussing today, again, the plan with respect to the value of each one of the businesses within the two portfolios that might consolidate, and if you took our plan and our discussion relative to that value that needs to be identified and unlocked, and you layered it over a consolidating scenario, I think you have an attractive investment proposition seen through the lens of a discussion that we’re having about our own opportunities, which I don’t think has yet made it to the back of the proverbial envelope.

Hey, this one’s a keeper.

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  1. Chuck

    That might not be a bad idea for a short book…kind of like “The Existential Poetry of Donald Rumsfield,” only with lots more business doublespeak.

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