More Fun and Games on Capitol Hill; FAA and Airlines In Hawaii

The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation is now holding hearings on Aviation Safety. You can watch them live here.


Nick Sabatini from the FAA is on the hot seat as we post this — and he’s not having a particularly good day. Much like last week. Senator Claire McCaskill (Missouri-D)is now asking Sabatini why it was that no one has been fired at the FAA for “lying.” She is referring to a comment made last week in reference to the Dallas Ft. Worth tracon by the office of the DOT special counsel. The DOT special counsel, who is at the hearing, just said that problems have “reoccurred” in the Dallas office, but that their investigation is “not yet complete.”

McCaskill is now pressing the issue of the need for accountability at the FAA, and what Sabatini intends to do about it.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are interested in the Hawaiian air service environment (and you certainly know who you are), the committee is scheduled to hold hearings this afternoon on that hot topic. These hearings will start at 2:30 pm edt. You can click here to see who has been invited to attend.  State of Hawaii officials will be there in addition to David Banmiller, CEO of Aloha and Charles Willis, CEO, along with his COO, Leslie Murashige from Island Air.

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1 thought on “More Fun and Games on Capitol Hill; FAA and Airlines In Hawaii

  1. faahope

    Where has the FAA been for the past 10 years?
    Why only now are the airlines worrying about their planes?
    If congress had not started an investigation no one would be the wiser, because the FAA was not going to make them take planes out of service because it would have made their numbers for delays and cancelations worse than it was last year. Why are we letting the Fox watch the hen house? The Fox(FAA) doesn’t care anything about lives only money.
    Just look at “” putting all vital radar systems in south Florida both high(ARTCC) and low(TRACON) 1.5 nautical miles apart. What a great idea for a backup system. I don’t think there is a business stupid enough to do that.

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