Monday Musings on Skybus CEO Departures

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Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. Today was kind of a “personal day.” Had a bunch of stuff I needed to get done. So — I got them done.

Meanwhile, on the airline front — we had a CEO step down today.

Skybus CEO Bill Diffenderffer, aka the “Samurai Leader,” resigned today.

He is going to be replaced by the airline’s CFO, Mike Hodge — effective immediately.

But here was the priceless quote from the Columbus Dispatch concerning the resignation.

“Diffenderffer is stepping aside to return to writing books, a career he left in 2005 when he joined Skybus.”

Ahhhh, yeah. Okay. Guess this means I could step aside from PlaneBusiness and PlaneBuzz and start an airline. What do you think? Then when it began to run up continued losses, and it was clear the business plan was not going to work, I could just return to writing PlaneBuzz and PlaneBusiness.

For some reason I just don’t think this is the way it is supposed to work.

RIP the Samurai Leader.