Off to US Airways’ Media Day


Hey folks.

Tomorrow I fly to Phoenix for the US Airways’ Media Day, which cranks up on Thursday. 

The airline should be applauded for having a Media Day. At this point in time, only two airlines hold such an animal on a regular basis, and only US Airways has held one every year for the last several years.  Pretty sorry track record, don’t you think?

For that — the airline deserves a high five.

Yes, the original standard bearer of the PR and media crown for the airline industry, Southwest Airlines, also holds Media Days. But they are not held on a regular annual basis.

Given the fact that no other airlines even hold a Media Day — both airlines really do deserve a public shout-out.

In addition, next week I’ll be speaking at the Network 2008 Conference. The conference, which is sponsored by Airline Business magazine, brings together airlines and airport folks — in San Diego. It’s actually a cool concept. Kind of like “speed dating” for airports and airline route planning folks.

Yep. Lots of flying. Lots of opportunity to get out and meet more subscribers of PlaneBusiness Banter. And you — readers of PlaneBuzz.

More later. In the meantime, behave yourselves.