It’s Official: United/ExpressJet Deal Goes Public


In regard to our posting yesterday here’s the official notice from United Airlines’ SkyNet:

“The United Express team is working closely with our partners to provide replacement flying aircraft during the Spring Break travel period. In anticipation of the high load factors, we’ve signed a contract with ExpressJet Airlines, Inc., one of the world’s largest operators of regional aircraft, to provide three Embraer ERJ145 aircraft from March 12-29.

· ExpressJet is a new flying carrier for us. They have provided similar short-term capacity to other airlines and we are confident in their ability to provide efficient and reliable regional jet service for UAX.

· ExpressJet will be flying 20 flights per day carrying approximately 1,000 customers, and will operate into Dulles with service to Savannah, Pittsburgh, Huntsville, Jacksonville and Charleston, South Carolina. In order to be available during our peak demand period, the aircraft will be flown in ExpressJet livery.”

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