My First Blog

Godzilla.jpgActually it isn’t my first blog, but I don’t think it is official blogging if nobody reads what you write, which I am pretty sure is what happened to my first effort at this some time ago. It’s kind of like that tree falling in the forest with nobody around to hear it; if nobody reads your blog, did you really blog at all?
Blog. The word itself is pretty interesting; it can be both a noun and verb, and perhaps even an adjective (e.g. ‘That guy is a real bloghole’). Perhaps it’s just me (it usually is), but it sounds like something your dog might do in the back of your car on the way to the vet. “Nikko blogged all over the back seat and I had to clean it up.” Apparently anyone who can type can be a blogger. Kinda like karaoke; give a drunk a microphone, some background music, an audience, and viola (a stringed instrument similar to the violin) – a singer is born.
However, as those who watch American Idol can confirm, there are good singers and bad singers. And as those who read blogs can confirm, there are good bloggers and bad bloggers. Holly has done quite a job of building a great reputation and providing good content. Being a novice at this I will endeavor to be a good blogger by sticking to two simple rules:
1) Only talk about stuff I know something about.
2) Provide the reader with a good ROI for the time spent reading the blog.
I will also eventually figure out how to use this blogging software as time goes on and be able to put in pictures and links and stuff. For now I am just trying to make sure the paragraphs line up and I can get spell check to run.
I encourage comments and emails from people who agree with my opinions, and you can send them to Just kidding. People who disagree can also send email, I just won’t read them.
I’ll come back at this soon when I have something perhaps more substantive to offer; perhaps after I have a chance to dig into the JetBlue decision to make like a legacy carrier and [gasp] begin offering refundable fares.