Ho Ho Ho — Merry Christmas….Where’s My Bag?

Or something like that.

Hey guys. Just walked in the door of the Worldwide Headquarters. Was in the airline capital of the world, Dallas-Ft.Worth this weekend — and well, let’s just say I was not as “connected” as I usually am.

Speaking of the Dallas Metroplex, how many folks have experienced the “newly redesigned and upgraded” baggage claim area at Love Field?

Did ringers for American Airlines infiltrate this project in an attempt to make life for Southwest Airlines’ passengers miserable?

I landed at Love Field Friday afternoon and I have never seen such a mess. The new electronic signs that were supposed to tell you which belt your bag was on were not working right. After waiting patiently at the area under the orange electronic wonder board that said, “New Orleans,” you guessed it. No bag.

I finally grabbed one of the folks wandering around with a clipboard — and he informed me which belt the bags were on. No, this was not the belt that had been under where it had previously said, “New Orleans.”

Then again, by this time, “New Orleans” was nowhere to be found on any electronic screen.


If there was anything that was more dependable in this wacky industry than the baggage claim area at Love Field, I don’t know what it it used to be. More often than not, your bags were there before you got there.

Is nothing sacred?

When I asked the young man with the clipboard, (frankly I didn’t note whether he worked for the airport or Southwest, but I believe he worked for the airport)  why the boards were not working correctly, I was told, “Well, you know…… it’s raining.”

I let it go. What that had to do with the electronic boards not showing flights correctly I’m not  sure. I guess the wiring gets wet and the boards then short out? (Okay, yes, I’m being smart ass. Don’t send me notes and tell me how this is not a possibility!)

But that comment came back to bite me later when I opened my bag to take out the clothes I was going to sleep in.

You guessed it.

They were soaked.


Talk to you guys later. I’m off to unpack, read a slew of emails, and hopefully watch the Bears beat Minnesota. (Playoff implications for the New Orleans Saints forcing my hand in this one.)