Web Wiz Needed for Small Tasks

Biplane Help Wanted

Okay, I have too much on the plate, and not enough heavy-duty utensils to cut it up with.

With a major shiftover to a totally new software footprint for PlaneBusiness Banter now on the horizon, and with additional web programming needed to get our “Mesa Mess” mini-site completed and posted, I am looking for some part-time web savvy help.

Pressing duties include Photoshop/HTML graphic creation and Movable Type template creation and revisions.

On the backside for PBB, it would be nice to have someone who has experience tweaking code in such programs as JOOMLA, and other open-source UNIX based software on call who can help us as we transition into an entirely new back-end home for our worldwide empire.

This can be more than one person — so if you are simply a graphics wiz and can manipulate MT templates — that would be fine. We can look to someone else for the larger site management tasks.

Please send a note to me, at admin “at” planebusiness.com and tell me a little bit about your experience and what particular projects you’ve been involved in. Also, please advise as to your compensation requirements in terms of project or pay/hour.