Ah, How I Love the Smell of Sewage in the Cabin

By now you’ve all probably heard of the crappy experience (and I mean literally) that 250 passengers on a trans-Atlantic Continental Airlines‘ flight had to endure last week.


Thanks to CrankyFlier, who let me know there was a first hand account from a passenger online. To read the missive, you can click here. This photo was taken by a passenger on the aircraft — yes, that is backed up sewage coming down the aisle. Coffee, tea or pee?

The worst part? These folks were herded off the original flight and forced to spend the night — then re-herded onto the same aircraft, which then developed the exact same problems shortly after taking off.

While I did have a pretty bad lav experience on Chicken Taco (Chautauqua for those not PBB subscribers) last week, it was nothing compared to this.

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