The Spellchecker Did It– Just After It Ate The Homework

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We heard from three people today who complained about the Barron’s piece this weekend. This was the response they received when they complained about the inaccuracies in the story we talked about this weekend. (And yes it went out in the print version with all the mistakes intact.)

“The use of an automated spellchecker resulted in a number of errors in last week’s feature story about Delta Airlines. The company’s chief executive is Gerald Grinstein, and an analyst cited was Ray Neidl of Calyon Securities. Delta’s ticker symbol is DAL, US Airways’ is LCC. American Airlines’ parent is AMR, with the ticker AMR. A variety of other words also were garbled. A fully corrected version of the story is available for free on Barron’s Online, at <>.”

Sorry. But that doesn’t cut it with me. Not only that but their apology does not include all the mistakes in the original piece.

So are we to assume from this response that not one honest-to-god editor looked at this piece before it was posted and then printed?

Pretty lame if you ask me.