Sorry for being so absent this week folks. It’s earnings overload. I’ve got full write-ups of six airlines in this week’s issue, along with summaries of two others.

But right now, I’m taking a break, having just sent a raft of pages to our web editor. (Now he can start to have fun as he begins to format!)


Yep. It’s time for some NBA playoff watching.

I love this time of year.

Although the Dallas Mavericks had best get their act together tonight if they hope to meet Phoenix in the Western Conference Finals. They looked pretty poor the other day against the Warriors.  Looks like they’ve come out of the box a bit stronger so far tonight. But they still don’t look like they’re running on all cylinders. Dirk looks just as bad as he did the other night.

We’ll see how the night goes. (Actually I won’t. I’ll be long gone before this one is over.)

Fie on late games.

For those of you who are not NBA fans,  there’s all this great backstory between Dallas and Golden State. (Don Nelson, the coach of Golden State used to be the coach at Dallas. Let’s just say he and current Dallas owner Mark Cuban have had their, er, differences.) In addition, Dallas did not beat Golden State once during the year. Not once.

Go Suns. (Yes, I’m a Steve Nash fan. A Big Steve Nash Fan.)

Boo Kobe. Go Steve.