Until Tomorrow..

Play nice.

We’re off for the night.

FYI, we’ve already had one reader write,

“For all I know, Ron Reber is the best regional airline executive there is – which still leaves him substantially ill-equipped to be the Virgin CEO.

Running a regional is all about operations – you learn nothing about marketing, strategy, etc, because it’s all done by the major airline.

If it’s true, it’s even worse than hiring Fred Reid. Fred at least knew something about running a real airline, if from the largely-irrelevant standpoint of a legacy major. Reber would be great at the operations side, but with no experience on all the other relevant fronts…”

As I said –it’s the rumor du jour. If I had faith in it, I would have said so. Just wondered if anyone else could confirm.

On that note — have a good night!